Importance of Escrow and Dispute management system in a freelance bidding website

Only when a website has a smooth functioning system, will it become easily manageable. It is even more important to have an ideal functioning of a commercial website to become successful. Likewise, freelancing websites, too, should have a smooth workflow process. Otherwise, it leads to many disputes.

To look at the basics of freelancing in the online world, many new freelancing websites are started up by entrepreneurs to connect the freelancers and employers. Freelancers, who wish to work from the comforts of their home, visit freelance platforms to find jobs in areas like designing, programming, SEO, content writing, filmmaking, video making, editing and so on. For employers, finding freelancers online is easier and cost-effective.

Such advantages to them wouldn't have been possible without the help of freelance websites. Many thanks to the webmasters and entrepreneurs who start up websites. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs are still showing eagerness to create and launch such freelancer clone websites, which can be done with the help of cutting-edge freelance bidding script.

Here, let us look into how a freelance bidding website should have a better functioning and smooth process, when it comes to money matters and disputes.

Escrow system

Escrow is a system of withholding the money sent by the employer. It is transacted to the freelancer only at the appropriate time. Escrow system is mandatory so that payments are made as per the terms and conditions. When an employer chooses a freelancer, he assigns tasks and sets milestones. Before to freelancer starting the work, a certain amount for that particular milestone will be available in the Escrow. Once the task is completed and the employer is impressed, the freelancer is guaranteed with the payment for completing the milestone. In case money isn't in the Escrow, the freelancer need not start working on the project.

Dispute management system

Issues and conflicts between the freelancer and employer may arise. Those may relate to the quality of the job done by the freelancer, which may not impress the employer. In such a scenario, these have to be solved amicably. Dispute management system as a feature will be very helpful. As a third party, the admin of the site has to go through the terms and conditions set by the employer, has to view from the perspective of freelancer and arrive at the solution.  


Given the fact that it is a matter of money, hard work and time, it is important for a freelance marketplace platform to have the features like Escrow and Dispute management system to overcome the hurdles that may arise from time to time.